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Concussion Policy and Concussion Code of Conduct (Ontario)

This Policy is based on the 5th Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport that was released in April 2017. This Policy interprets the information contained in the report that was prepared by the 2017 Concussion in Sport Group (CISG), a group of sport concussion medical practitioners and experts, and adapts concussion assessment and management tools.

This Policy is intended to be compliant with Ontario’s Rowan’s Law (Concussion Safety), 2018. If any provision of the policy is in conflict with Rowan’s Law, the legislation shall take precedence.


The CISG suggested 11 ‘R’s of Sport-Related Concussion (“SRC”) management to provide a logical flow of concussion management. This Policy is similarly arranged. The 11 R’s in this Policy are: Recognize, Remove, Re-Evaluate, Rest, Rehabilitation, Refer, Recover, Return to Sport, Reconsider, Residual Effects, and Risk Reduction.

Bakker's Trailblazers is committed to ensuring the safety of Participants in its activities. Bakker's Trailblazers recognizes the increased awareness of concussions and their long-term effects and believes that prevention of concussions is paramount to protecting the health and safety of Participants.


This Policy describes the common signs and symptoms of a concussion and how to identify them, the protocol to be followed in the event of a possible concussion, and a Return to Sport protocol should a concussion be diagnosed. Awareness of the signs and symptoms of concussion and knowledge of how to properly manage a concussion is critical to recovery and helping to ensure the individual is not returning to physical activities too soon, risking further complication.


This Policy applies to all activities and events for which Bakker's Trailblazers is the governing or sanctioning body including, but not limited to, competitions, practices, and training sessions.



When an individual under the age of 26 years old registers with the Organization, the individual must provide written or electronic confirmation that they have reviewed concussion awareness resources within the past 12 months. The Ontario Government has produced age-appropriate concussion resources located here:

  1. Ages 10 and under

  2. Ages 11-14

  3. Ages 15+

  • Individuals under the age of 26 years old must also sign the Concussion Code of Conduct (click here - Appendix A).

  • For athletes younger than 18 years old, the athlete’s parent or guardian must also provide confirmation that they have also reviewed the concussion resources as well and signed the Concussion Code of Conduct.

  • Coaches, officials and team trainers must provide confirmation that they have also reviewed the concussion resources and sign the Concussion Code of Conduct; but not if they will be interacting exclusively with athletes who are 26 years old or older.