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Covid-19 summer camp update

Covid 19



We will be running our camps.  Below is a short list of some of the changes.  I will be making more as we get guidelines from the government


As a registered massage therapist, I am regulated by the Chief Medical Officer and have been given guidelines of how I am to conduct my practice once I am allowed to resume.  Taking this information, I will be doing the following if the camps are allowed.


1. Sign in and Sign out will be done by an instructor.  They will verbally acknowledge you and make a note.  That way, no use of pens


2. The instructors will have masks during sign in and sign out.  I will provide them fresh ones each day and in the morning and evening.


3.  I will have medically approved disinfectant at the trailer as well the instructors will carry it with them.


4.  Food program will not happen.  I will look at doing a pizza day and our ice cream day, but will put the safety of the campers first.


5.  I have bought a big tent so the campers can stay apart during lunch and snack.


6.  If we need to escape bad weather, we have a room in the Beaverbrook Mall and will ensure it is fully disinfected before and after use.  In this room, we will be able to space the campers apart.


7.  We will have the campers bring their own bag/backpack and make sure they keep their possessions to themselves.


It appears as if outside activities are less likely to cause infection so mountain biking may be a good option for summer camp.  Rest assured, I will make the right choice when it comes to the safety of your campers. 



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