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Skills Development

Mountain Bike Skills Development

Whether you're just getting started with the exciting world of Mountain Biking or looking to improve your skills, we have something for you. Our PMBIA certified instructors will help will all aspects of your skills development. Riding should always be fun.  We focus on providing a fun, positive and engaging atmosphere to help you not only improve your skillset but also your enjoyment of the sport.

What We Teach

  • Body Position and Balance

    • Climbing and descending technique

  • Operation of Controls

    • Braking, proper gear operation and pedaling efficiency

  • Terrain Awareness

    • Reading technical trails, selecting lines, finding FLOW!

  • Cornering

  • Wheel lifts

  • And so much more...

Sessions can be 1 on 1 or up to 4 students per instructor.



Simon Mallory

Simon is a seasoned rider in many disciplines. Whether it is winning Championships on the BMX track or teaching and coaching young riders as a MTB counsellor Simon is always willing to share his experience. Simon holds numerous BMX titles and is incredibly skilled at all types of terrain including jumps, drops and rolls. Simon is bilingual and holds a PMBIA Level 1 certification.


"We met up on a rainy evening at the trail head and Simon was full of energy and motivation. Simon queried us on what we really wanted out of the session and quickly started to teach us several maneuvers to hill climb and lift our tires over obstacles while maintaining balance. Simon answered all of our questions very clearly and provided great advice at every stage of the session. He demonstrated the moves and then tweaked ours as needed when we were practicing. We then went on a single-track trail for more demonstrations and line selections to really help us understand how to assess and ride inclines. Great lesson overall. Much appreciated Simon!"

"Myself and a couple of buddies spent a few hours with Simon reviewing some of the basics of mountain biking. Simon reviewed each skill in simple and clear terms followed by a demonstration. He was patient and provided clear feed back as we practiced. After working on the basics on simple trails and the parking lot we did a solid spin on some intermediate trails. We enjoyed our session with Simon and learned some new skills and techniques."

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