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scotia wealth management

Scotia Wealth Management

Wealth management is complex, but it shouldn’t be difficult. Renaldo Saikali is passionate about preserving and growing his clients’ wealth through the strategic use of corporate structure, investment management and tax minimization strategies.

He works with high-achieving business owners, medical professionals and families to create long-term wealth that can be passed on to the next generation.

saikali portfolio management

While our team offers a comprehensive list of wealth management services supported by an extended group of specialists at Scotia Wealth Management, Renaldo’s specific focus is providing financial solutions for business owners, doctors, dentists, pharmacists and other incorporated individuals. He is pleased to work with exceptional professionals in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and across Canada, and is able to travel as needed to meet with clients face-to-face. Renaldo is deeply committed to client care and understands the value of knowing his clients as individuals in order to achieve their goals. A businessman himself, Renaldo is immersed in corporate finance at every level and has a genuine dedication to each client’s success.

Course Stats

Start Length:  100 meters
Lap Length:  1.8 kilometers
Elevation Gain:  29 meters
Direction:  Counter-Clockwise

Double track: 1.15 kilometers
Single track:  650 meters

Strava Segment

Strava Map

Strava Segment

Strava KOM

Course Features

rebec and kroes

The Rebec and Kroes Gut Buster

Type:  Leg Scorching Dirt Climb
Length:  200 meters
Elevation Gain:  18 meters
Terrain:  Mix of Dirt and Rocks


Strava Segment

Strava KOM
gut buster

Scotia Wealth Management

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