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Woven Precision

Two long time mechanics, Jamie and Kent, saw an opportunity to offer something new to their customers. Great wheels, built right, at reasonable prices.

Nearly a decade later, Woven are pleased to show you their current product line, with wheels to suit almost every riding style, and options to fit almost every bike. Have a look through Woven's products, and don’t hesitate to contact them with any questions.


Course Stats

Start Length:  100 meters
Lap Length:  1.8 kilometers
Elevation Gain:  29 meters
Direction:  Counter-Clockwise

Double track: 1.15 kilometers
Single track:  650 meters

Strava Segment

Strava Map

Strava Segment

Strava KOM

Course Features

rebec and kroes

The Rebec and Kroes Gut Buster

Type:  Leg Scorching Dirt Climb
Length:  200 meters
Elevation Gain:  18 meters
Terrain:  Mix of Dirt and Rocks


Strava Segment

Strava KOM
gut buster
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