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Our products require no rinsing with water, making your maintenance routine easier, faster and safer, from degreasing to final cleaning. They are designed to keep your bike at peak performance and help preserve its mint condition.  Made with bio-based ingredients and all biodegradable. 


Designed and Made in Canada

Course Stats

Start Length:  300 meters
Lap Length:  3.3 kilometers
Elevation Gain:  26 meters
Direction:  Counter-Clockwise

Double track: 1.6 kilometers
Single track:  1.7 kilometers


Strava Segment

Strava Map

Strava Segment

Strava KOM

Course Features

phat moose-3_edited.png

The Phat Moose Hell Climb

Type: Singletrack Climb
Length: 300 meters
Elevation Gain: 15 meters
Terrain: Mix of Dirt and Rocks

Strava Segment

Strava KOM
Hell Climb
rebec and kroes.png

The Rebec and Kroes Gut Buster+

Type: Leg Scorching Dirt Climb
Length: 200 meters
Elevation Gain: 18 meters
Terrain: Mix of Dirt and Rocks

Strava Segment

Strava KOM
gut buster.png
veale dentistry.png

Strava Segment

The Veale Family Dental Centre
Garden of Eden

Type: Rock Garden
Length: 500 meters
Elevation Gain: 13 meters
Terrain: Rocks

garden of eden
Strava KOM
phat moose-3_edited.png

The Phat Moose Leap of Faith
Type: Drop
Length: N/A
Elevation Gain: N/A
Terrain: Rock

leap of faith.png
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