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Bakker's Trailblazers MTB Campers Checklist

Before sending your child to the first day of MTB camp, please read through the following checklist:

  1. Ensure bicycle is in good running order (chain is lubed, tires are inflated and not overly worn, brakes are safe and effective)

  2. Pack a bag with the following

    1. A spare inner tube of the correct size for the bicycles tires

    2. Spare warm clothing and a towel (in case of rain). Store clothes in a waterproof bag (garbage bag with their name on it....we have safe storage space)

    3. Bug spray

    4. Sunblock

  3. Pack easy to carry snacks

  4. Bring a Hydration pack: The campers are out riding all day and need to stay hydrated, the hydration packs carry a lot of liquid and can also carry snacks, spare tubes and money (if needed). Hydration packs are less tiring to ride with vs backpacks. We have a place to refill hydration packs at camp, but please fill the hydration pack every morning. Please show your child how to open and close their pack as our counsellors will be unable to help due to covid regulations.

  5. Bring a Helmet and shoes (must be closed toed, not sandals nor flip-flops), protective (or sun) glasses

  6. Bring a Mask (when in close contact with other campers, counsellors or when entering the building for bathroom breaks

  7. Bring Hand Sanitizer

  8. Pack A lunch (Souper Sandwiches are not able to offer their services at this time)

  9. Bring a A hat

  10. Ensure the bike has a bell

  11. Make an ID card and put in a ziplock or waterproof bag (name, phone number and our number 613-323-0724. Place in their hydration pack

  12. Please Email us back at to let me know the skill level of your child, on a scale of beginner, moderate or advanced. If you are unsure of their skill level, you may also detail the trails they have been on and we will be able to pinpoint their ability in reference to other campers. We have to put them in these groups which will act as their cohorts for the week. The ywill be kep apart from other groups, however, if there needs to be necessary changes, we will make them the first day at lunch

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