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Wealth management is complex, but it shouldn’t be difficult. Renaldo Saikali is passionate about preserving and growing his clients’ wealth through the strategic use of corporate structure, investment management and tax minimization strategies.

He works with high-achieving business owners, medical professionals, and families to create long-term wealth that can be passed on to the next generation.


While our team offers a comprehensive list of wealth management services supported by an extended group of specialists at Scotia Wealth Management, Renaldo’s specific focus is providing financial solutions for business owners, doctors, dentists, pharmacists, and other incorporated individuals. He is pleased to work with exceptional professionals in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and across Canada, and can travel as needed to meet with clients face-to-face. Renaldo is deeply committed to client care and understands the value of knowing his clients as individuals to achieve their goals. A businessman himself, Renaldo is immersed in corporate finance at every level and has a genuine dedication to each client's success.

Race Day - 22-Jun-2022

Race Start Schedule:
12 yrs old and Under:  5:00pm 
13-18 yrs old:  5:45pm 
19 yrs and above: 5:45pm
15-18 yrs old (Advanced):  6:45pm 
19 yrs and above (Advanced): 6:45pm 

Please arrive at least 45 minutes before start time to allow enough time to sign-in, and for timing chip pickup (if required) 

Free parking is available on site.  Follow directions from parking attendant.  When parking on the grounds, remain within the pictured red square.  Follow directions to sign-in area


Every participant must sing-in prior to the race.  Registration director will require a proof of OCA (or equivalent) registration, confirmation of racing category (age/skill).  Follow line-up direction, being mindful of current Covid-19 guidelines


Start Finish setup

Race Timing:
Race Timing will be provided by Allan Hawley.  Each participant will be given a race number with a timing chip.  The timing chip should be securely fastened to the handlebars using zip ties.  Participants are responsible for keeping the timing chip for the entire series. 

A timing chip is included with registration of single event or series.  Please pickup timing chip (race number) on site at Wesley Clover at the sign-in tent.

The Race:
Groups will line up at the neutral start designated for their course.  All racers will obey the marshals instructions.  The marshal will signal race start.  All participants must either complete the expected number of laps, or, if due to a mechanical or injury, inform the timing staff of their abandonment of the race.  All riders will be respectful of others, and embody good sportsmanship.

Race Categories:
6 yrs old and Under:  2 laps of Ducky Dash Course (1.6km)
7-8 yrs old:  3 laps of Ducky Dash Course (2.3 km)
9-10 yrs old: 2 laps of Mid-Life Crisis Course (3.9 km)
11-12 yrs old: 4 laps of Mid-Life Crisis Course (7.7 km)
13-14 yrs : 3 laps of the Mid-Life Crisis (5.8 km)
15-18 yrs: 5 laps of the Mid Life Crisis Course (9.5 km) 
15-18 yrs (Advanced Riders): 2 laps of the Outer Limits Course (8.1 km)
19 yrs and over (and learn to race adults):  5 Laps of Mid Life Crisis Course (9.5 km)
19 yrs and over (Advanced Riders):  3 Laps of Outer Limits Course (12.0 km)
19 yrs and over (Elite):  4 Laps of Outer Limits Course (15.9km)

Ducky Dash Course
Mid Life Crisis Course
Outer Limits Course

Race Results:
Race results will be available on-site and online at the following link:


Race Results

Scotia Wealth Management

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Saikili Portfolio Management

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Renaldo Saikali:  Senior Wealth Advisor, Portfolio Manager  613.271.6614

Richard Naufal:  Investment Associate  613.271.6613

Ivan Milev:  Business Development Associate  613.271.6618

Scout Schooley:  Administrative Associate  613.271.6615

Sarah Jackson:  Administrative Assistant  613.271.6602


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