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The Bakker's Trailblazers Development Program is based on a foundation of athletic excellence, sportsmanship and personal development. Through the sport and community of cycling, young athletes are coached in an atmosphere where teamwork is balanced with individual growth and discovery. Our objective is to create a platform where young people can be successful both on and off their bikes while having FUN!

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Ensuring appropriate preparation in physiological, psychological, technical and tactical growth is the cornerstone of our approach. This program includes the following specifics plus the “Additional benefits” outlined below:

Program Specifics

  • Introduction to basic cycling skills such as braking, cornering, and gearing

  • Introduction to fun-based racing with friends and family

  • Build speed, power and endurance through exercises, games and racing

  • Develop a love of physical effort and improving skills while riding/racing

  • Twice weekly training sessions with PMBIA certified coach


Additional Benefits

Coach: Osmond Bakker

PMBIA Level 1 Coaching certification

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  • Certified Coaching Staff who are committed to the progress of each individual athlete and passionate about youth development

  • Team discount at local sponsors

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As a lifelong activity, cycling appeals to children, families and adults, reaching a broad audience that goes beyond traditional demographics. Cycling is the second most popular recreational activity in the world, attracting significant public attention with a high media presence. It offers an exciting, results driven, technologically innovative sport in a healthy, environmentally sound format.


Company logos are prominently displayed on the team’s website, social media outreach, and printed materials.  Bicycle racing can be expensive for active competitors, with racing bikes in excess of $2,000.  Bakker's Trailblazers uses its budget to defray the cost of team uniforms, coaching fees and race support.

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Osmond Bakker