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Twilight MTB Race Series p/b Bushtukah

The Trek Twilight Race Series powered by Bushtukah is a 6 race event.  This series will feature a unique 4.6 km lap course, with safe and well marked trails, held at the beautiful Wesley Clover Parks, in the west end of the city of Ottawa. 

The intent of the series is to encourage mountain biking participation in the Ottawa area.  It offers 3 different courses ranging in difficulty from novice to advanced.  As much as there will be timed results, Bakker's Trailblazers is primarily  seeking rider skill and fitness development throughout the summer.

Event Details and Schedule
The Trek Twilight Race Series powered by Bushtukah is a 6 race event.  This series will feature a unique 5 km  lap course, with safe and well marked trails, held at the beautiful Wesley Clover Park, in the west end of the city of Ottawa.

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Whiprsnapr Stage #1: 08-Jun-2022

Saikali portfolio management Stage #2: 22-Jun-2022

Bioped Stage #3:  13-Jul-2022

OBC Stage #4:  27-Jul-2022

MyVeloFit Stage #5:  10-Aug-2022

Phat Moose Cycles Stage #6:  24-Aug-2022

Pre-Race Sign-in:
Race Registration must be done online at least 48 hours before race start.  There will be NO on-site registration.  All participants must also present themselves to the pre-race sign-in tent to confirm their participation.  

Race Categories:
6 yrs old and Under:  2 laps of Ducky Dash Course (1.6km)
7-8 yrs old:  3 laps of Ducky Dash Course (2.3 km)
9-10 yrs old: 2 laps of Mid-Life Crisis Course (3.9 km)
11-12 yrs old: 3 laps of Mid-Life Crisis Course (5.8 km)
13-14 yrs : 3 laps of the Mid-Life Crisis (5.8 km)
15-17 yrs: 4 laps of the Mid Life Crisis Course (7.7 km) 
15-17 yrs (Advanced Riders): 3 laps of the Outer Limits Course (8.1 km)

18 yrs and over (and learn to race adults):  4 Laps of Mid Life Crisis Course (7.7 km)
18 yrs and over (Advanced Riders):  3 Laps of Outer Limits Course (12.0 

Distances same for men and women.  Categories are defined based on skill level, not necessarily on fitness level.  There will be pre-ride days available to allow riders to assess their skill level and select the appropriate race category.  

Race Courses

The Outer Limits (3.9 km loop w/ 300m neutral start) sponsored by 


The Mid-Life Crisis (1.9 km loop w/ 100m neutral start) sponsored by


The Ducky-Dash (755 m loop w/ 50m neutral start) sponsored by


Start Times:
All Races: (Note that depending on turnout, race times might be staggered around the designated start time

12 yrs old and Under:  5:00pm (staggered start)
13-17 yrs old:  5:45pm (staggered start)
18 yrs and above: 5:45pm (staggered start)
15-17 yrs old (Advanced):  6:45pm (staggered start)

18 yrs and above (Advanced): 6:45pm (staggered start)

Licensing and Insurance:
As part of the race series (or individual race) sanctioning with Ontario Cycling Association (OCA), every participant must have insurance coverage through the OCA.  Bakker's Trailblazers and the OCA recommend 2 options 

1. Participants who want to participate in more than 3 events

Bakker's Trailblazers recommends that participants obtain a racing license through the OCA website.  At a minimum, participants wanting to participate to more than one race will need to obtain either a provincial race license (Ontario provincial racing only) or a UCI license (Ontario + National + International racing)

Click here for Provincial license

or Click here for a UCI license

2. Participants who want to participate in a maximum of 3 events

Bakker's Trailblazers will offer a day permit, valid for only 1 race (up to a max of 3 races....1 per race).  Bakker's Trailblazers recommends this option for new racers or those who want to try out the series with no long term commitment.  If these participants decide that racing runs in their veins and want to join for the rest of the series, the OCA will apply the cost of the day license(s) to the OCA membership.  A day permit will cost $10 for <18 years of age and $15 for 18+


Event Pricing:

Timing Chip Pickup:  Timing chips will be provided for the race series (and individual races).  We strongly encourage participants to pickup timing chips prior to the race at the Westboro Bushtakah store located at 203 Richmond Rd, Ottawa, ON K1Z 6W4.  An email will be sent out to participants once chips are available for pickup.

Event Parking:
With Wesley Clover Parks being a private establishment, we ask that all participants respect the parking accommodations.  Parking will be held on the Wesley Clover grounds.  We ask that all participants follow parking signs, and only park in the designated area.

Bakker's Trailblazers will be providing portable toilets.  We ask that participants use them, and not the grounds.  Since the Wesley Clover Park grounds also welcome campers, we insist that all participants stay within the race area grounds, and respect the privacy of all other Wesley Clover patrons.  Failure to do so will result in 1 warning and expulsion of participants for a second offence. No refund will be offered.

First Time Racers (and children <15 yrs of age):
For first time racers, Bakker's Trailblazers will offer a mandatory pre-race riding clinic.  We value safety and fun foremost.  In order to ensure that new racers are equipped with the right knowledge going into their first event, we will go over the course features, rules and safety aspects of a mountain bike race.  This clinic will be held on-site, at a pre-determined time.

Private MTB lessons:
Bakker's Trailblazers will offer private MTB riding lessons tailored to the BT Twilight Race Series Course.  Whether it be focused on fitness or skill development, our PMBIA instructors will tailor the lessons to meet your needs.  You can inquire at for details

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